LARGE SCALE COUNTERFOG® it´s intended to dust, smoke and toxic clouds both outdoors and indoors. Customized engineering for every need counteracting dust and toxic clouds; biological disinfection and CBRN neutralization and decontamination. COUNTERFOG® technology is extremely effective and fast collapsing down toxic Chemical, Biological and Radiological or Nuclear toxic clouds preventing its spreading both indoors and outdoors. Dust and smoke are also catched down and removed from air. Counterfog can be applied in a large scale to protect urban zones, sensitive and critical infrastructures ensuring a clean air.



COUNTERFOG® BARRIERS provide dynamic fog cones made of submicrometric droplets of liquid which, when projected into the air, catch up air-borne matter (dust, aerosols, spores, etc.). These nozzles can be installed indoors or outdoors to remove dust, smoke or aerosols, to disinfect biological aerosols or surfaces ot to scrub vapors or gases from air. They are a sustainable and clean solution for decontamination of air and facilities. Microparticles transported by the air or adhered to a surface, collapse with the droplets of liquid making them to collapse and fall down. COUNTERFOG® BARRIERS can be used with different disinfectant liquids depending on the purpose of each operation and can protect facilities agains CBRN episodes.



COUNTERFOG® SDR-F05A+ is a portable plug-in device for the rapid disinfection of buildings, facilities, open areas, vehicles, conduits, goods or objects. It provides a dynamic fog cone composed of micro and submicrometric droplets of liquid that catches up air-borne particles (dust, aerosols, spores, etc.). It quickly removes airborne biological agents as well as those laying or attached on surfaces, in spite of being easily resuspendable. Airborne microparticles or those adhered to a surface, collapse with the nanometric liquid droplets, making them collapse. COUNTERFOG® SDR-F05A+ applies a extremely thin biocide film able to kill microorganisms that evaporates in a few minutes. COUNTERFOG® SDR-F05A+ is compatible with many liquid biocides.