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COUNTERFOG® NOZZLES provide dynamic fog cones made of submicrometric droplets of liquid which, when projected into the air, catch up air-borne matter (dust, aerosols, spores, etc.).

These nozzles can be installed indoors or outdoors to remove dust, smoke or aerosols, to disinfect biological aerosols or surfaces ot to scrub vapors or gases from air. They are a sustainable and clean solution for decontamination of air and facilities.

Microparticles transported by the air or adhered to a surface, collapse with the droplets of liquid making them to collapse and fall down. COUNTERFOG® NOZZLES can be used with different disinfectant liquids depending on the purpose of each operation and can protect facilities agains CBRN episodes.


  • Counterfog® fixed device

  • Can be used for decontamination, disinfection and sanitization both outdoors and indoors.

  • Compatible with multiple liquid disinfectants



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