COUNTERFOG® removes & disinfects spores, bacteriae, fungii & viruses from air and surfaces in a few minutes.

Biological Contamination

Discover the power of COUNTERFOG®  removing & disinfecting air-borne Biological agents both indoors and outdoors.

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COUNTERFOG® washes out and eventually decomposes Industrial and Warfare Chemical agents from air and infrastructures.

Chemical Contamination

Discover the power of COUNTERFOG® to decontaminate chemical agents.

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COUNTERFOG® washes out radiological or nuclear tosic clouds.

Radiological Contamination

Discover the power of COUNTERFOG® to radiological or nuclear agents.

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Dust & Smoke

COUNTERFOG® washes out all kind of air-borne micro and sub-microparticles –including smoke and urban pollution- both indoors and outdoors.

Dust & Smoke Contamination

Discover the power of COUNTERFOG® to  remove  Particulated Matter from air.

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«Counterfog® nozzles create a fog with virus-size disinfecting droplets »

«Counterfog® nozzles create a fog with virus-size disinfecting droplets »

Counterfog® technology fights effectively against COVID19 at the nanometric scale.

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What is Counterfog®?

COUNTERFOG® is the ultimate technology to provide a rapid, massive and universal response against Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear episodes. Counterfog® was initially developed by a team of ten institutions funded by the 7th Frame  Work Program of the European Union (under grant number 312804) from 2013 to 2017.

Professor Pérez-Díaz of Universidad de Alcalá led a multidisciplinary team to research the physics of dispersed agents, smoke and fogs, to create the unique Fog Dynamics Laboratory and to invent and develop the Counterfog® technology for quick response and decontamination of all kind of CBRN agents.

Rapid: Counterfog® has demonstrated to decontaminate 99.99% of air-borne pollutants from a 30 m3 room in 1 minute or from a 3000 m3 atrium in 5 minutes. Massive: Prepared to decontaminate and protect atriums, corridors, rooms, buildings, facilities, vehicles and large-scale open areas.

Universal: All kind of noxious air-borne micron and submicron particles are collapsed and decontaminated including radioactive salts, biological agents, toxic clouds and smoke or dust.

Environmentally Friendly: Counterfog® uses just compressed air and a scarce amount of harmless decontaminant solutions mainly based on water.

Simple and robust: Counterfog® nozzles were speficifally engineered  to create dynamical cones of fog. These cones of fog made of micron and submicron droplets attract polluted air from around, aggregating particles and droplets removing effectively removing pollutants.

If the proper disinfectant is selected, aggregated droplets projected on surfaces disinfect them even in non-direct view and intricated conditions.

Counterfog and COVID19

How can Counterfog fight COVID19?


Counterfog® was specifically engineered and tested to collapse and disinfect volatile air-borne biological agents like Athrax, Aspergilus or Tuberculosis.

Laboratory and Field tests with Bacillus. turinghiensis in both vegetative forms and spores demonstrated 99.99% of disinfection both from air and surfaces in less than a minute. Aggregating microdynamics of Counterfog is the most effective technology against submicron biological agents like COVID-19 virus.

The Emergency Military Unit in Spain uses Counterfog® for decontamination of vehicles.

The National Police in Spain uses Counterfog® to disinfect large outdoor areas, buildings and facilities.

An anti-riot truck has been provided with a Counterfog B1:1 equipment for large-scale outdoors disinfection and a B1:2 hose and nozzle for manual disinfection of buildings and vehicles.


1510, 2020

Counterfog® en Capital Intereconomía

octubre 15th, 2020|

Entrevista a José Luis Pérez Díaz sobre la tecnología COUNTERFOG® en los Desayunos de Capital, en Radio Intereconomía. Puede escuchar el programa completo en el siguiente enlace:


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