Disinfection with Counterfog® SDR05-A+ of the «Transverberación» Chappel in the Monastry of the Incarnation in Avila (Spain).2021-03-03T09:24:18+00:00
The Royal Academy of History of Spain and their delicate paintings are disinfected with Counterfog SDR05-A+ by Clarosol.2021-03-03T08:54:22+00:00
Fast disinfection of Hotel rooms, restaurants and facilites with Counterfog SDR05-A+. SHERCO. Spain.2021-03-03T08:42:07+00:00
Counterfog fog curtain -just with potable water- removes aerosols and air-boen particles preventing contamination of the building. IFEMA Trade Center MADRID. Spain.2021-03-03T08:28:15+00:00
Fast disinfection of Ambulances with Counterfog® SDR05-A+ in 4 minutes. SUMMA (Comunidad de Madrid Spain)2021-03-03T08:17:37+00:00
Fast disinfection of Vehicles and facilities with Counterfog® SDR-05-A+. Cuerpo Nacional de Policía. Spain2021-03-16T23:27:45+00:00
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