In 2013 a team led by professor Pérez-Díaz was granted by the Seventh Framework Program of the European Commission to research on aerosol and fog dynamics and to develop a technology to decontaminate  chemical, biological and radiological and nuclear agents in air and surfaces.   A consortium of 10 institutions from Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Sweden built a Fog Dynamics Laboratory and created  COUNTERFOG®.  A unique technology that creates a dynamical cone of fog that scavenges air-borne particulate matter including smoke, powder and any kind of aerosols.


COUNTERFOG®  demonstrated to provide a rapid, cheap and large-scale response for collapsing all kind of air-borne dispersed agents –including Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear agents as well as other air-borne micro-particles like those in smoke. COUNTERFOG® nozzles create a conical jet of fog made of nanometric droplets that collapse and catch air-borne micrometric particles and pollutants. It was demonstrated to be effective against aerosols of Bacillus thuringiensis and their spores -a surrogate of Bacillus Anthracis-. Moreover, a 99.99% effectiveness was demonstrated after 1 minute of COUNTERFOG® application