Counterfog Project Final video

Chemical, Biological, Radiological and nuclear events are a serious risk for humanity. These include natural, accidental and deliberated man-made threats severely affecting human health as well as the environment on a large scale.

For years ago, a team of institutions from Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic started from scratch the development of a new technology to quickly counteract these agents. They called in Counterfog.

Counterfog is simple, economical and environmentally friendly. It essentially uses a jet of micron-sized water fog specifically optimized to decontaminate air removing all kind of noxious airborne particles including spores or radioactive particles.

They engineered a nozzle able to provide a very special fog and a laboratory to test the system.

Counterfog has demonstrated to remove biological aerosols or radioactive particles from air in the laboratory in less than a minute.

Additionally, Counterfog nozzles can provide a fog enriched with catalytic nanostructured microparticles to decompose a broad range of chemical agents quite quickly.

Toxicity tests carried out with cells, zebra fish, embryos, and mice show that Counterfog is completely harmless for health and environment.

This dynamic and multidisciplinary team went further demonstrating Counterfog in large-scale tests removing 99% of airborne particles from a large atrium in a few minutes.

Finally, a prototype on board of a truck was developed and tested showing a unique feature: The ability to absorb and clean smoke.

Starting from zero, Counterfog has achieved a TRL 6 demonstrating effectiveness in a relevant environment and it´s ready to be demonstrated in an operational environment in a near future.

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