COUNTERFOG European project led by UAH demonstrates the successful results of its CBRN decontamination technology on the Workshop celebrated on the CIEMAT installations in Madrid on the 24th and 25th of October

Chemical, Biological and Radio-Nuclear episodes represent an unpredictable threat with indiscriminate effects and immediate consequences for citizens”, exposed María del Mar Hidalgo from the Spanish Institute for Strategic Studies (IEEE) on the workshop introductory session. For this reason, European Commission has been boosting new technologies able to fight NRBQ incidents effects, already responsible for thousands of deaths. NRBQ agents represent a big challenge for current technologies because their dispersal way of spreading.

The CBRN Workshop on Response and Decontamination Workshop has turned into a perfect occasion to bring together first-class experts in order to expose the hottest keys and analyze the state of art in the struggle against CBRN agents. Besides, this event has as main objective the presentation and demonstration of COUNTERFOG decontamination system successful results.

COUNTERFOG project began 4 years ago with the objective of developing an economical, ecological and simple solution capable of decontaminating public scenarios and critical infrastructures. The initial idea was to take advantage of natural mechanisms, particularly water droplets, to clean the atmosphere. In order to do so, a consortium led by Prof. José Luis Pérez Díaz of UAH has designed and optimized a decontamination method of Chemical, Biological and Radio-Nuclear episodes in dispersal state. Besides, the system has proven its effectiveness also for smoke elimination. The resulting technology after 4 years of development consists on a fixed and a portable fog generator system capable of capturing and taking down dispersal agents immediately. The key relies on the size of the droplets that need to be of the exact size in order to capture the toxic agent and make it fall down, independently of its characteristics.

The Workshop took place on CIEMAT installations and combined practical demonstrations of the different versions and applications of COUNTERFOG technology with presentations and Round Tables prepared and integrated by different members of the Military Emergency Unit (UME), Interior and Defence ministries, Spanish military police, Firefighters, International Union of Railways (UIC), RENFE and other security and defence and detection experts of CBRN episodes. The assistants had the opportunity to witness the efficacy of both the fixed and the portable system in the neutralization of Chemical, Biological, and Radio-Nuclear episodes.

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