Workshop on CBRN response and decontamination

In the present workshop on CBRN response and decontamination, first class experts will present the hottest keys, will analyse the incoming future and will discuss as well the best strategies for prevention and mitigation. The new Counterfog technology will also be introduced through practical demonstrations applied to concrete scenarios analysing its potential usefulness.

Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear episodes currently represent a rising threat to our world. The severity of the effects of deliberated terrorist attacks and those of accidents in Industry, Hospitals or Transport makes them a main risk for society.

It is not rare evacuation of entire villages because of the presence of a toxic cloud. The fast and massive response to this kind of episodes tests the resilience of infrastructures, the effectiveness of the responders and the management & decision taking abilities of authorities.

Counterfog project, funded by the Security area of the FP7 Seventh Framework Program of the EU Commission, has the main objective of developing a fast, non-expensive and large scale technology of neutralization and decontamination in order to protect infrastructures, installations, industries, crowded facilities or places likely to cause or suffer an event of this kind.

For four years, researchers from 10 institutions of different EU countries have been developing a fog-based system for the neutralization and decontamination of these agents which is aimed to become essential for every potential scenario of a CBRN incident.

Attendees will be encouraged to provide their feedback and impressions on the system.

Your comments will be very welcome and appreciated.

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