Counterfog project wins UAH competition

COUNTERFOG PROJECT wins the 9th competition of creation of technological- based- companies of the Universidad de Alcala (UAH). The system, in a prototype phase, is designed to clean air from nitrogen dioxide and suspension particles generated by diesel, but also, for the decontamination of dangerous CBRB agents from the air in case of a terrorist attack or accidental release.

Atmospheric contamination is one of the biggest scourges of our time. Caused by factories production processes impact, transportation and contaminating fuels such as gasoil or carbon, it may seem as a definitive solution is far from being accomplished. However, a consortium integrated by several public and private institutions from UK, Germany, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Spain and Sweden and Coordinated by Jose-Luis Perez-Diaz, Professor of Signal Theory and Communications of the UAH is developing a unique system capable of removing the air contamination in large and open spaces.

This system will also have a great impact on national and international security as it can be also used in order to remove dangerous substances from the air.

“Counterfog works as a fog capable of cleaning the air in a fast, economic and environmentally-friendly way. The system is originally thought for situations that can represent a threat to security and follows the objective of minimizing the impact caused by biological, chemical or radioactive agents on people or the environment and it can be also used under events of industrial accidents such as industrial discharges or accidents of dangerous materials transportation. Additionally, Counterfog system can be perfectly applied in order to mitigate the habitual contamination produced by gasoil combustion”, points out Prof. Perez-Diaz.

The conventional and natural mechanism that uses the atmosphere to clean the air is directly related to water: Rain cleans the air and makes contaminating agents fall down. This research group has created a system capable of generating a fog with capacity enough to quickly eliminate the air contamination.

“The project is right now under development; essays have already demonstrated that we can remove fogs, contaminating clouds and contaminants elements produced by biological and radioactive agents and we are currently carrying out essays with chemical agents. We have also demonstrated that we can remove nitrogen dioxide and suspension particles produced by diesel particles and, what´s more, that Counterfog system is able to suppress persistent mist affecting road and air traffic. All of this can be done with a minimal water consumption and without introducing contaminating additional elements in the atmosphere”, adds Professor Perez-Diaz.

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